Child and Young Adult (4-25) Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling with Catherine Harrison

Why Seek Therapeutic Counselling for a Child, Adolescent or Yourself?

We all have an innate ability to reach our potential given the right environment. For many reasons this process often becomes interrupted or paralyzed. Children and young adults face many pressures today. They can find it hard to communicate what they are really feeling, and without this expression things can become overwhelming for them. This may manifest itself in many ways.  They can communicate to us through their anxiety, depression, anger, aggression, withdrawal, self-destructive behaviours or fear which can impact relationships with friends and family and their education, emotional well-being and development; therefore, creating a destructive and disruptive cycle. Whatever the underlying causes and external pressures, effective counselling and psychotherapy can improve the health of our mind and body and improve the overall quality of our life. I offer a non-judgemental, supportive environment to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviour because ultimately, it is these that determine our life experience.

What is Integrated Psycotherapeutic Counselling?

As an integrated counsellor my training has majored on both Person Centred and Psychodynamic models, Attachment and Developmental Theories and Neuroscience, as well as drawing on Mindfulness, Gestalt, Jungian, CBT and Solution Focused tools. With younger children I mainly work through using play and creative mediums to facilitate validation, expression and awareness of their inner worlds, and this becomes increasingly mixed with talking, practical and strength-building therapies for older children and young adults. I am led by the client, and work intuitively with each person, creatively adapting to use these different approaches depending on their preferences and underlying needs, but always being underpinned by building a non-judgemental therapeutic relationship and informed by inter-relational processes.

Contact Me:

If you would like to enquire further or arrange an initial meeting please text or leave me a message on 07415890426 or email and I’ll call or email you back.

My fees: are £45 per 50 minute session (half-price for the initial 45 minute no obligation parental/client consultation). 30 minute parental meetings or phone calls can be scheduled every six weeks for the duration of the sessions where we would review themes, needs and progress (a 50% charge will apply). Additional parental consultations or full sessions will be charged at £45 per 50 minutes.  Concessions are available upon discussion.