Sex and relationship coaching with Dr Graham Stevenson

Are you facing sexual challenges in your life?  I can remember a time when I tried to find professional help but without success.  I’m now happy to be offering effective help to those who face sexual issues.

I am a clinical sexologist working as a Sex and Relationship Coach with a Doctorate in Human Sexuality.  I facilitate the conversations that couples find difficult but that lead to real break-throughs.

For those who feel disconnected and can’t easily put it into words, I offer a safe and non-judgemental space in which you will be heard.  I also have the skills and knowledge to guide you onto the path of your own sexual discovery and fulfilment.

Body issues and being present in the moment are some of the common problems in so many relationships.  Touch is such a fundamental human need, as well as a powerful way to communicate love and acceptance.  As a certified Tantric massage practitioner, I also offer an embodiment journey for those who are more tactile.  This is an enjoyable way of discovering your potential for pleasure and especially helpful for the couples I teach. Tantric massage is a powerful way to feel deeply connected with yourself and more in tune with those around you.  For many it can be the gateway to a profound spiritual awakening.

I am fully insured and accredited by the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists. All my work is done with mutual consent after discussing goals and in respect of personal boundaries.


Contact me on 07933 709169 or email to find out rates and times or visit my websites and for further information.