Solution Focused Therapy with Catherine Mallorie

Solution Focused Therapy is a uniquely positive approach for increasing personal happiness, developed to give better results than traditional counselling, in a shorter space of time.

Solution Focused Therapy is successful improving:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Mental health problems such as eating disorders and other mental health conditions
  • Relationship difficulties, for example with partners or in families
  • Any area where change is needed, such as life and career transition

SFT is different because it focuses from the start on helping you find change that you want, allowing you to identify what’s already working in your life, your personal priorities for happiness and ways you can use to get more of it in future.

How does it work?

SFT is simple, yet amazing in its results. The process involves exploring in detail how you want things to be better, as you answer questions put to you by your Solution Focused therapist. Solution Focused questions are designed to help you identify exactly what needs to change and – vitally – personal strengths and resources you already have to make this happen.

In Solution Focused sessions there’s the chance to talk about problems and trauma from the past, but the focus then is uncovering how to move towards a better life, starting today. For this reason, Solution Focused Therapy is a highly positive experience that means you leave your sessions feeling more hopeful, more confident and more empowered than when you went in.

How successful is SFP?

Research shows that SFT is at least as effective other types of therapy and in 85% of cases successful results are achieved in just five sessions, each of which is 50 minutes long and costs £45.

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