Solution Focused Therapy with Catherine Mallorie

Solution Focused Therapy at Widcombe Therapy Room offered by Catherine Mallorie, Solution Focused Practitioner

Have you tried other therapies and found they didn’t work for you?  Do you feel you need counselling but lack the time or money to commit to months or years in therapy?  If so, Solution Focused Therapy offers a short-term, effective and highly positive way to deal with problems affecting your life, including:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Mental health issues (including eating disorders and other mental health conditions)
  • Relationship difficulties (for example, with partners or children)
  • Other life challenges, including times of transition and change

SFT works by helping you uncover all the positives you need to come through times of crisis and unhappiness. For this reason, it feels good to do. Once you’ve talked through issues that brought you to therapy, the focus is then on how to get the happier future you want, instead of examining and re-living painful problems from the past.

That’s the reason Solution Focused Therapy allows you to leave a session feeling more hopeful, more confident and positive than before. It’s also why this approach is now increasingly used across the UK by professionals in mental health, social care and other settings.

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