Solution Focused Therapy with Catherine Mallorie

Solution Focused Therapy at Widcombe Therapy Room offered by Catherine Mallorie, Solution Focused Practitioner

If you are feeling lack of hope, and a desperate need for change in your life, Solution Focused Therapy is the perfect way to make things better in future.

That’s because Solution Focused Therapy is different from other kinds of counselling.

First, Solution Focused Therapy doesn’t involve committing to months – or even years – of painful reflection on negative experiences you’ve had in the past. Instead, it focuses on how you can make your life different starting tomorrow, giving results on average in just six sessions or less.

Solution Focused Therapy is so effective because it works from the very first session to help you explore, identify and develop everything about you that’s positive, and you can use to get the life that you want.

As a result, Solution Focused sessions actually feel good, allowing you to leave each one feeling more confident, inspired and empowered than you did before.

Solution Focused Therapy is a powerful and positive way to deal with:

  • Low mood, stress, anxiety and depression
  • Mental health issues (including eating disorders and other mental health conditions)
  • Relationship difficulties (for example, with partners or children)
  • Other life challenges, including times of transition and change

Find out more about me here or visit my website: To discuss your situation and find out how Solution Focused Therapy can help, call me without obligation on 07980 595440.