Catherine Mallorie, Solution Focused Therapist

I’m delighted to offer the benefits of Solution Focused Therapy, an approach that helps people find solutions they already have for their own problems, usually in six sessions or less.


As a therapist, I offer my personal understanding of overcoming life challenges and mental health problems, having recovered from my own experience of depression and negative thinking patterns in the past. This now gives me a passionate commitment to helping others find more happiness in their lives. My experience of mental health difficulty informs a warm, non-judgmental approach I offer – and my unshakeable belief that each person has the power to find solutions they want for their lives.

In my counselling work, I’m influenced by a variety of approaches that use non-medical, practical techniques for improving anxiety, stress and depression. These include in-depth knowledge of a mindfulness-based approach, which I’ve developed over ten years of personal practice and study.

Working daily with the Solution Focused approach, I’ve been amazed to see how it helps me in all aspects of my life, allowing me to deal with challenges more resourcefully and helping me find solutions that are both creative and achievable.

My experience supporting young people and adults in recent years includes work with problems ranging from anxiety and depression to drug and alcohol addiction, through my work with Bath charities Off the Record, Mentoring Plus, Age UK and Developing Health & Independence. In all my work, I’ve found the Solution Focused approach a powerfully positive way to help people discover their own solutions for a happier future.

 I am a Member of the United Kingdom Association for Solution Focused Practitioners.

To find out how I can help you find solutions for problems you have, contact me on 07980 595440 or