Dr Bryany Duggan, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Bryany Duggan (nee Cusens) DClinPsych, MPhil, BSc (Hons), CPsychol. HCPC registered.

To become a clinical psychologist I have undertaken 9 years of training beginning in 1995 with an undergraduate degree (BSc) in Applied Psychology at Cardiff University. I then completed a Masters degree (MPhil) in the treatment of alcohol-related difficulties, which included the development of a CBT treatment manual. I went on to complete my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2008, drawn by the increasing convergence of western therapeutic psychology and eastern meditative traditions.

My personal interests and values have guided my clinical journey to be heavily influenced by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT). Fundamentally, these approaches promote a deep connection with what is personally meaningful, and this guides all aspects of the therapeutic intervention. The process identifies the factors that block or interfere with this connection including anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, shame, guilt, hopelessness, anger, frustration, isolation and loss. These approaches are also particularly useful for managing the life-restricting impact of physical pain, fatigue, disability and illness.

ACT and CFT teach different ways of working with difficult and unpleasant internal experiences, to minimise their impact and address the unhelpful patterns of behaviour that often accompany them (e.g. disconnection, withdrawal, avoidance, addictive behaviours, relationship difficulties, aggression, passivity, sleep disturbance, self-harm). We will work together to develop skills such as mindfulness (present moment connection), self-awareness and self-compassion, all of which helps to ensure that your choices are directed by your values and priorities, rather than the emotional or physical problems that you are struggling with. Within my NHS work I have been privileged to work with hundreds of people seeking, and successfully achieving sustainable, life-enhancing change.

Although ACT and CFT are fundamental tools with which I work, the greatest benefits often come from the safety and empowering nature of the therapeutic alliance between therapist and client. I believe that my greatest asset as a clinical psychologist is my commitment to the alleviation of suffering, where possible, and my ability to help others live a fulfilling life, even in the midst of extreme challenges. I will wholeheartedly commit to walking alongside you with authenticity, respect and compassion as you make this journey.

As a clinical psychologist I adhere to continuing professional development (CPD) requirements, post-qualification, and this is something I take seriously. I have attended professional and research conferences to ensure that my knowledge and skills are in line with current best practice. Most recently I have attended a European conference for ACT practitioners, an intensive 2-day workshop on CFT skills and I have completed a 6-week advanced training programme for trauma-related difficulties.

With continued study comes a deeper understanding and appreciation for the theoretical bases of therapeutic models, and enhanced skills training. As a consequence, I am able to provide bespoke approaches, tailored to your unique needs.

I am very happy to discuss your needs in a preliminary telephone call to help you decide whether to book an initial meeting. During our initial meeting we will begin to develop a shared understanding of your situation, discuss the therapeutic approach and consider whether we could work together effectively towards agreed treatment goals. Throughout our work I will make a commitment to create an authentic, compassionate and respectful context in which to explore your difficulties and facilitate change meaningful change.

You can contact me on:

Tel: 07462 879939

Email: bryanyduggan@therapyroombath.co.uk

All sessions are £80 and last for 60 minutes. Session prices reflect the level of training and experience attained. Additional to the clinical contact hour, this price also accounts for pre-session preparation, post-session reflection (including supervision) and continuing professional development (e.g. training and conference attendance). Clinical letters (upon request) are also included.