Dr Graham Stevenson, Sex and Relationships Coach

I left school to train in agriculture, as I love nature and the outdoors. Due to rationalisation in the industry I experienced take-overs and finally redundancy, leaving to set up my own landscaping business. After fifteen years, we decided, as a family, to change directions completely and move abroad to do voluntary aid work in Africa. My wife and I got heavily involved in rural communities and were asked to provide help with relationship difficulties. For more than ten years we worked together teaching and counselling couples on sex and relationship issues. We chose to each specialise with my emphasis on sex and hers on relationships. (Sexual issues are a common factor in most relationship breakdown and were part of my own struggles in life.) We finally moved back to the UK due to family commitments and decided to open up our own private practices, collaborating on programmes and workshops.

In our 45 year relationship we have survived being in business together, raised three children and moved our family abroad, and then back again. I’d like to say, without a single cross word, but in fact, we learnt the hard way with little outside help. We feel that ‘our mess has now become our message’ which is why we deeply empathise with people in these kinds of difficulties.

I am motivated by my own experience that, if there is a will, there is a way through to freedom and a deeper connection, no matter how bad things look right now.

Contact me on 07933 709169 or email drgrahamsexologist@gmail.com to find out rates and times or visit my websites gstevensonsexologist.com and guidedintimacy.com for further information.